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1 Do you need a translator and interpreter in San Jose? - Russian English
Do you need a translator and interpreter in San Jose? - Russian Englis...
P   1 year ago   Interpreters   San José
Business translator and interpreter for negotiations in San Jose, Costa Rica. I will also consider traveling to neighboring regions, as well as remote translation. Need a translator for cosmetics and...

6,000 ₡ per hour
43,200 ₡ per day

1 I offer translation services for the registry office in Limon
I offer translation services for the registry office in Limon
P   1 year ago   Interpreters   Limón
Interpreter services in Limon, Costa Rica. I offer translation services for the registry office. Translation languages: English, Korean. I perform the following types of translations: oral translatio...

7,000 ₡ per hour
50,400 ₡ per day

1 Translation and accompaniment at exhibitions in Alajuela
Translation and accompaniment at exhibitions in Alajuela
P   1 year ago   Interpreters   Alajuela
Interpreter services in Alajuela, Costa Rica. I can consider working in neighboring regions, as well as providing translation services remotely. Translation and support at exhibitions. I am a respons...

5,500 ₡ per hour
39,600 ₡ per day

1 Representative-looking translator in Limon
Representative-looking translator in Limon
P   1 year ago   Interpreters   Limón
Interpreter for negotiations and conferences in Limon, Costa Rica. Departure to neighboring cities or remote translation is possible. A personable translator. I live in Costa Rica. I have worked as a...

5,900 ₡ per hour
42,480 ₡ per day

1 Interpreter in San Francisco - Russian, English
Interpreter in San Francisco - Russian, English
P   1 year ago   Interpreters   San Francisco
I offer translation services in San Francisco, Costa Rica. Translator in the field of theology and religion. Translation languages: Russian, Spanish. I perform the following types of translations: tra...

5,000 ₡ per hour
36,000 ₡ per day


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Interpreters in Costa Rica

Interpreters in Costa Rica offer a wide range of services, starting from interpretation at negotiations and ending with the conference and training interpretation. Interpreters offer various language pairs: English, Spanish, Russian, French, Arabic, German, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Turkish and other languages in Costa Rica.

Interpreters network

Interpreters for negotiations

If you have a negotiation ahead of you, you can find here many businesses experienced interpreters for negotiations in  Costa Rica of any complexity. Good communication is the key to a successful negotiation. Such interpreters provide qualified support in any negotiation situation and can help you communicate clearly and effectively across a wide range of languages and language pairs. Most of the listed interpreters in Costa Rica have years of experience and in-depth familiarity with different markets. Most of the interpreters are able to enhance the effectiveness and clarity of your negotiations in real-time. They understand the cross-cultural dynamics at play in international business communication. Many years of experience in negotiation situations and qualified linguistic training means interaction between you and your internal business associates is both fully detailed and perfectly understandable.

Sworn, court interpreters

For negotiations taking place in court, you can find an experienced sworn interpreter in  Costa Rica who specializes in your field and required language pair. Court interpreting is carried out by a court interpreter for the requested language, who certifies the interpretation with the court-appointed interpreter’s official stamp and certifies the minutes of the interpreting session (such as during negotiations between the authority in Costa Rica and a foreigner, interpreting of weddings, recording of information in registries, police investigations, etc.).

Conference interpreters

During the large events, such as conferences, seminars, and training there is a need for highly skilled simultaneous or conference interpreters in Costa Rica. Besides a mother tongue and excellent understanding of at least two other languages, conference interpreters also need to have many other skills and qualities, such as the ability to quickly analyze a speaker's message and communicate it to the public. Conference interpreters should be stress-resistant and be endlessly curious as interpreters take assignments on any subject.

Medical, Technical and Legal interpreters

In case your event is specialized in certain complicated topics on Babr you can find certified medical, technical, or legal interpreters in Costa Rica. While a medical interpreter plays a very important role, providing essential support in the healthcare industry, a technical interpreter will help you during a factory tour, assembly works or performing technical negotiations with your customers or partners.  Legal Interpreters work primarily with lawyers on legal cases such as depositions, hearings, trials, mediations, arbitrations, client meetings, etc. These experts will help you to establish good communication with other parties when you are involved in cross-border proceedings.

Sign language interpreters

Sign language interpreters are used in different areas to allow communication between hearing and deaf people. Here you will find several sign language interpreters in Costa Rica which are fluent in two or more sign languages and interpret between a source and a target language, mediating across cultures. Most of the sign language interpreters can do both Deaf and hearing and always carry appropriate sign language interpreter qualification from Costa Rica. All sign language interpreters follow a Code of Ethics, ensure impartiality, confidentiality, and linguistic competence.